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Frequently Asked Questions About KALMUN

What is MUN?

 Model United Nations, also referred to as Model UN or MUN, is an educational model of the United Nations which is used for UN simulations that teach students about international relations and diplomacy.

What are the conditions in order to acquire the certificate? 

If the delegate misses more than two official sessions of the conference, they will not be issued a certificate at the end of the conference.

When will KALMUN'24 take place?

KALMUN'24 will be held between 18-21 May 2024.

Is there a dresscode in KALMUN'24?

 Yes, the dresscode for the conference is business casual which is compulsory

What is the procedure of the conference?

The procedure of KALMUN’24 is HARVARDMUN.

Is there a social event in the KALMUN'24?

Yes, there is a social party during the conference, the time and place of which will be announced.

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